26 June 2016

WHAT NOW STORIES: Why Prank People When You Can Prank Animals? This Dog Prank Is Just Hilarious!

If you’re tired of watching humans getting pranked, take a look at this dog prank. It may seem a bit cruel, but to be honest, they started it. What I like about this is that there’s nothing fake about it… well, that dog is fake obviously, but the reactions are genuine, which is more than you can say for some humans.

See which one of these pooches will be brave enough to snatch a tasty bone guarded by a weird looking dog/hand puppet. I can’t even imagine how this looks to them, but I’m pretty sure some of them are starting to get tired of our crap.


30 March 2016

DELISH: Starbucks Puppuccinos

Apparently Starbucks has a special item on their menu for your pups!

Next time you bring your pup to your local Starbucks, see if they know about this phenomenon in NZ.  As in the US, your pup can lap away at their very own Puppuccino. And no, Starbucks isn’t trying to feed your dog caffeine. According to Foodbeast, a Puppuccino is just a Starbucks cup with a little bit of whipped cream inside.

puppuccionos starbucks
Important note: Since whipped cream definitely isn’t made with canine eaters in mind, it’s probably best to check with a veterinarian before purchasing a Puppuccino.


13 September 2015

YAHOO: Why you should use Dogs ‘n the ‘burbs?

Dog blasts horn for attention. Check out this hilarious link. Dogs need stimulation for their health and well being and Dogs ‘n the ‘burbs offers a safe and fun environment for your dog to be a dog!

Check out our services and prices. We can tailor our service to meet your needs.


24 August 2015

STUFF: Why Dogs Make Us Smile

What is it about dogs that make us smile?

The way they look, the way they move. The way they can’t hide their feelings or pretend to be anything other than what they are. It all makes me smile said Nick Barnett who shared a collection of dogs doing the things that make us smile.

Thirsty anyone?

Thirsty anyone?





Great spot to relax!

Great spot to relax!










2 August 2015

CESAR’S WAY: Dog Years

If someone asked me how to determine a dog’s age in human years, I would say, “Multiply by seven” like most people I would imagine. However, Jon Bastian advises this method is inaccurate, and more so the older a dog gets. For a twelve year-old dog, the result could be off by over twenty years. Multiplying by seven only comes close while a dog is four and a half years old.

Dogs mature faster than humans, reaching the equivalent of twenty-one years in only two, but then aging slows to an average of four human years every year after. Dogs under 13 kilos live longest, often well into their teens; dogs over a 45 kilos have the shortest lifespans, being considered not just old but geriatric by six or seven.

So, next time someone asks you a dog’s age in human years, you’ll know how to give a more accurate answer. Subtract two from the age, multiply that by four and add twenty-one. After all, a forty-five year-old wouldn’t appreciate their spouse telling everyone that they’re fifty-six. You shouldn’t do the same to your eight year-old pooch.


13 July 2015

MOM.ME: 10 Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You!’

1. Being loyal to you – dogs are among the most loyal creatures on the planet. Living as part of your family unit is built into your dog’s instincts, which is what makes them so loyal and such terrific family pets.


2. Licking your face – (even though some people don’t like it) shows love and affection. A dog may also lick you in a submissive way, to let you know that it is not a threat. And of course, your licking dog may also simply be grooming you.

3. Wagging its tail – Dogs use a wagging tail to communicate many different emotions, including happiness, fear, tension or even an imminent attack. Generally, the looser and more relaxed your dog’s tail is, the more relaxed the animal is.

4. Jumping on you – Dogs jump up to greet us so they can actually get a better whiff of our faces and grab our attention. It’s their way of saying “hello.”

5. Roughhousing – A bit of roughhousing is your dog’s natural way of playing and showing affection. It’s not only healthy, but also a necessary part of your dog’s social development (just make sure they know the boundaries of no biting!)

6. Sleeping next to you – In the wild, wolves in packs sleep snuggled up together. Domesticated dogs do it with each other, too. Since you are your dog’s best friend and family, it’s only natural for the animal to hop up on your bed during sleepy time.

7. Looking after you when you are sick – your dog will recognise when you are sick and will watch over you to make sure you are okay.

8. Leaning on you. Literally! – leaning on you is both showing you attention and asking for your attention. When this happens, take a moment to sit down and pet your dog, and let it know the feeling is mutual.

9. Smiling – Yes, dogs really do smile! If you’ve ever thought you’ve caught your canine flashing the dog version of a smile, you were probably right. A dog’s smile can signal love and affection to an owner just as human smiles do.

10. Following you around – As the key alpha in your pet’s life, your dog knows that you provide its food, shelter, safety and affection. The animal’s best chances of survival is to stick with you,  it’s pack leader. Also, dogs are social creatures that want to be part of a community, of which you are the main member.


20 June 2015

BUZZ FEED: 25 Dogs Who are Living Better Than You

Channel your inner dog and just live – like these guys! (click on the buzz feed link to view)


6 May 2015

FOX SPORTS: Atlanta Braves Invite Fans to bring their Dogs to the Ballpark, Cuteness Ensues

The Atlanta Braves Baseball team got creative with their latest incentive to draw crowds to a game.  Fans were able to bring their four-legged canines to Turner Field for the #BarkInThePark promotion.

As the old saying goes ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’ – so who better to bring to a ball game than literally your best friend!

“Baseball teams in the majors and minor leagues tend to get rather inventive when it comes to drawing a crowd. There’s been Seinfeld nights, Star Wars nights, and actor Bill Murray recently funded a Space Jam baseball day too”.

Check out some awesome snaps posted on twitter!

barkinthepark 2 barkinthepark





barkinthepark 3









4 March 2015

LIFE HACKER: How to Get Rid of Pet Odours

How to get the dog odor out of your houseOur loveable pets sure are adorable… but sometimes, they do leave behind smells that are less than cute!

I love finding out what different every day house products can help with.  So….whether you’re cleaning up after your own pet or you are moving into a new place where pets used to live…

VINEGAR is a sure fire way to get rid of any lingering pet odours in the floors or carpet!

Over at Apartment Therapy, contractor John Gleeson Connolly explains how well it really works.

To view the how to video click here>>


5 February 2015

ABC NEWS: Bone Tired: Study Shows Yawning Dogs Empathizing with Owners

dogs n the burbs blog - bone tired yawn

I was watching a documentary the other night that suggested if your dog yawns when you are, it signals a great bond and shows your dog is sympathising with you…

I researched this further and a study out of Lund University in Sweden found that our canine companions often yawn in reaction to seeing a human do the same thing. This is the phenomenon, known as contagious yawning, which is believed to indicate empathy and help contribute to group mentality and social structure.

I can definitely attest to contagious yawning, as once someone starts yawning I have the immediate reaction to follow suit.

Elainie Madsen, a doctor of psychology at Lund University , told ABC News dogs  “they spend so much time with us, and we spend so much time with them.”

“For those of us who have dogs,” she said, “we often feel this very close connection with them, and we feel that they must understand or sympathize with our emotions and our emotional states.”

A study conducted by Madsen took 35 dogs between the ages of 4 and 14 months and exposed them to various yawning human beings. Madsen found the results fascinating.
“We showed that the dogs were yawning contagiously – not just yawning but they also took on the emotion that yawning usually signifies, which is usually sleepiness and tiredness,” she said.

As with humans, age proved to be a significant factor in whether or not a dog exhibited contagious yawning.

“They go through what seems to be an empathy development that somehow mirrors humans’ empathy development, so it’s just obviously on a very different time scale,” Madsen said. “Human children don’t begin to yawn contagiously until they’re about 4 years old. Below that age, they seem pretty immune to others yawning at them.

In dogs, this happens when they’re about 7 months old. Dogs below that age don’t seem to yawn, either.”

So what does this mean for dog owners?

According to Madsen, it’s a reason to rest assured that your dog really does love you as much as you love it.  “Dogs really have a close emotional connection with people,” she said, “with owners as well as with other people.”

So the next time I start to yawn, I am going to watch Chico to see if he mirrors my actions, I ask you to do the same with your dog(s).


2 February 2015

NZ HERALD: Simon Cowell hypnotised by dog during Britain’s Got Talent auditions

I think I have heard it all now! Dog hypnotises human, I guess anything is possible!

As reported by the NZ Herald, Simon Cowell was left feeling rather “ruff” after he was hypnotised during a Britain’s Got Talent audition – by a dog.

Simon Cowell hynotised by dog

Cowell apparently slumped forward in his judge’s seat and on to his desk after staring into the animal’s eyes.

The 55-year-old was holding auditions at Manchester’s Lowry Theatre when he fell under the spell of “Hypnodog”, a black German Spitz called Princess, owned by performer Krystyna Lennon.

Hypnodog is a canine stage hypnotist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and has performed at universities around the UK, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, music festivals such as the V Festival and at Reading, as well as on cruise ships, at hotels and in casinos, according its website.

Would you pay to see Hypnodog?


7 January 2015

YOUTUBE: What my dog does when I leave

I have always wondered what my dog does when I leave the house, so this video really intrigued me.

Check out what happened when a guy strapped a Go Pro onto their dog to see what happened when he left the house…

With so many demands on our time, using our services for a ‘burbs excursion, walk or visit will ensure your dog/s gets the exercise, stimulation and attention they need throughout the day.


6 January 2015

THE DAILY TELEGRAPHJust taking the dog for a stroll(er): Truffles won’t let two broken legs stop him

Truffles the dog, broke two front legs but didn’t want to miss out on his daily walks with big brother Enzo. His owner, Peter Taylor, unable to carry the 20kg Truffles, came up with the idea of ­strapping him into a stroller — dubbed the “Truff-mobile” — for his walks around Kings Cross.

In a suburb where the extraordinary can sometimes seem mundane, Truffles is turning heads!!! I could definitely see the “Truff-mobile” making an appearance on Ponsonby Road..




Enzo, left, and Truffles out for their daily walk…


26 November 2014

JUST SOMETHING: 20 Hilarious Dogs who have no idea what they’re doing

Why is it that we (well I know I do) love putting silly costumes, accessories onto our dogs, I mean who hasn’t tried to at least put a pair of sunglasses on their dog for a laugh!

I stumbled across some great images that really highlights the patience that dogs have with our odd sense of humour – #5, 9 and #13 had me giggling, how about you?

#9. So that’s what you humans do all day…   
hilarious-dog-who-have-no-idea-what-theyre-doing-so this what you do at work







 #5. Yes, I’m the doctor, why that look on your face?










14 November 2014

WEATHER PUPPY: Smile every time you check the weather

If you are like me and get half way through your walk and see the rain clouds coming, here is a really useful app to install to check the weather before you take your dog out for a walk – Weather Puppy!

Checking the weather has never been so adorable and even if it does says rain it will bound to get you to smile.

Puppy weather auckland

Puppy weather coromandel










The app shows more than 100 dogs depending on the time and weather, and you can even upload a picture of your own dog, also available is Weather Kitten!

Honestly, every time I open this app I can’t stop grinning!


31 October  2014

ANIMATES: Keep your pets safe and calm this Guy Fawkes!

Guy Fawkes and the days leading up to and afterwards, can be quite stressful for your pets, the startling sights and sounds of fireworks can be very terrifying and unexpected.

Below are a number of ideas to help reduce the anxiety and stress for your pet!

Click here to find out Animates Top 10 picks for a safe and happy pet this coming guy fawkes.

Tips to keep your pets safe and calm on guy fawkes


30 October 2014

FETCH: Renting with Dogs

With house prices continually rising, the reality for first home buyers actually being able to get into the property market is becoming more and more daunting. As the rental market is becoming more of a reality for people finding a home to rent is becoming hard, but add a dog into the mix and it can be extra difficult.

An article from Fetch magazine offers a few tips if you have a dog and need to rent:

Get a reference: a glowing reference from a previous landlord is worth its weight in gold. Whenever you are staying in rented accommodation with your dog (even for holidays) ask the owners for a reference, detailing their satisfaction with the condition of the place and your dog’s behaviour.

Consider offering a larger deposit up front: Most landlords are focused on money and a large deposit shows that you are willing to take responsibility and that you are confident of your dog’s behaviour.

Offer professional cleaning at the end of the tenancy: Many landlords worry about the difficulty in finding future tenants due to pet stains, hairs and odours left in the house.

Write your dog a CV: Many landlords only accept dogs after they know more about their personality and habits. Provide the following information:
– Breed, size, age and whether it is neutered
– Your dog’s personality and activity level
– Any training classes attended or other dog activities involved in
– Moulting/shedding frequency and your grooming routine
– Treatment schedule for fleas and worms
– Daily routine, including exercise, toileting, time spent alone and any provisions you have made (e.g. dog walker)

Invite the landlord to meet your dog: If you are confident of your dog’s behaviour, encouraging the landlord to meet your dog can help to persuade them.

No matter how tempting and desperate you are, it’s inadvisable to lie or hide the fact that you have a dog. You may think you can easily work around landlord inspections but nosy neighbours can quickly land you in trouble.


28 October 2014

BARK POST: Does your dog really love you?

It’s a question every dog parent has asked themselves at some point or another. Sure, it may seem like there’s proof, like when your dog snuggles up next to you when you’re upset, or covers your face with doggy “kisses.” But how far removed are we, really, from the love dogs bear for their beloved treats?

Humans and dogs have one of the most complicated relationships probably in the history of the world. We let dogs into our homes, our lives: dogs are part of our families. But how much do dogs feel what we feel? And how much are we attributing behaviours to them?

Writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis took a 4-month road trip just to investigate his relationship with his dog. He summed up the experience in his book, Travels With Casey. Similarly, Scientist Gregory Burns also asked himself the same question, and in order to answer, he took it a step further: he conducted an experiment to see how dogs really feel by scanning their brains in an MRI machine. The results were astonishing and prompted him to write a book as well, called How Dogs Love Us. As he writes:

Berns advised asking yourself these five questions when it comes to seeing if your pup really hearts you:

1. Does your dog cuddle up with you after eating?

If so, this is a strong sign you are NOT just the dispenser of all things delicious to them.

2. Where does your dog sleep?

Do they like to sleep by you? Cuddle up next to you when there are tons of other comfy spots? If so, your affections towards your pup are probably returned.

3. How does your dog react when you leave?

Just because they whine doesn’t necessarily mean they miss you, per se. Dogs are pack animals, so it could be a simple case of separation anxiety. If a dog however, calmly lets you depart, it shows trust in the relationship you’ve established. They know you’ll come back. And everyone knows trust is a huge love building-block.

4. How does your dog react when you get home?

If they are happy just at the sight of you, that’s fairly strong proof.

5. Do you love your dog?

Love begets love, as the saying goes.

In the end, we may never know if dogs truly love us. Or we could just stare into their eyes. As Cooper noted, one of the most powerful things he learned from Duke Canine Cognition Center director Brian Hare: “When dogs are looking at you, they’re ‘hugging you with their eyes.’ ” (love this quote!)

What more proof do we need?

The Psychology of Dogs
Source: The Psychology of Dogs


28 September

Daily Telegraph: Japanese dog groomer’s bring the hottest looks from Tokyo to Sydney at Sakura La salon

In the inner west of Sydney, dogs are sporting the latest do’s straight from Japan as speciality groomer’s bring the hottest looks to from Tokyo to Sydney.

Newtown’s Sakura La is leading the charge, and has won a devoted following of pet owners seeking out stylish looks and pampered grooming experiences for their pooches.

Popular styles on offer include the teddy bear, sweetheart pom-pom and bichon frize show style.

A price tag for a two to three-hour session at the salon starts at around $70 — clearly inner westies do not blink at paying premium prices for their pets. New Zealand is not alone as Australia is also a nation of pet lovers and they spend big on their four-legged friends.

Coco toy poodle dogs n the burbs blog pom pom mohican dogs n the burbs blog

BEFORE: Coco the Toy Poodle    AFTER: Coco sporting the Pom-Pom Mohican trend


17 September

Welcome to our Dogs ‘n the ‘burbs blog.  My name is Lauren, and I am the Owner of ‘Dogs ‘n the ‘burbs, a dog walking and pet care services company located in Auckland.  I’m an avid animal lover and have owned numerous pets throughout my life, most recently, a very spoiled Caspoodle “Chico”. 

For over 8 years, I have been working in Sales and Marketing after completing my Degree in Business working both here in NZ and overseas in Sydney and London. I have now finally found the right time to start my own business specialising in my true passion, animals. I am currently enrolled into the Certificate of Animal Care at UNITEC to commence in 2015.

I hope to use this blog to recount my dog walking adventures, bring knowledge-based articles, share photos of my client’s pets with them while they are away, and also provide tips and tricks on pet care, general pet nutrition, and animal health and welfare. 

Let the adventures begin!