We service Central Auckland, West Auckland and North West areas. If you live in or near these surrounding areas Dogs ‘n the ‘burbs Dog Walking and Pet Care Services  is the answer to all of your pet care needs. We can help you care for your pet whether it is a dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit, guinea pig, frog or any other little critter you consider a part of your family.



At no cost, I will come meet you and your animals at a convenient time at your home. This meet and greet visit is 30 minutes long and will give us the opportunity to get to know one another, go for short walk and also gives you a chance to see if we are a good fit for your family.

We will go through a pet profile, where I will learn all about your pet’s routines, behaviour, likes, dislikes, medical history, dietary requirements and your vet and emergency contact details to ensure we are well prepared to meet your needs and your pet is safe during their time with Dogs ‘n the ‘burbs.



Short on time? Find yourself rushing out the door in the mornings? Your evenings in the office getting later and later? Finding it hard to fit in time for yourself let alone time to walk your dog…

‘Burbs Excursion, one of our core services will help you with all those dilemmas.  ‘Burbs Excursions is a great service to get your dog out of the house – to exercise, explore and socialise with other dogs so they can be part of that pack experience.

Your dog will be out of the house for 1.5 hours, however, this could be slightly longer depending on how much fun we are having and if there is more sniffing or barks to be done. We will pick up and drop off your dog, transport them to a safe fenced off leash dog area or dog friendly beach, where they will be exercised and socialised for a minimum of one hour.



We know that every dog is different, some are social creatures and like nothing more than an excursion in the park or on the beach with their friends. Other dogs are a little more timid or older and are best suited to an individual or smaller group walk on or off the leash and the ‘BURBS WALK is a great alternative service to ensure your dog is well exercised.

We can determine at our first meeting what will be the best fit for your dog and we will design the perfect service just for you.



The benefits of leaving your  pet/s at home in their familiar, secure surroundings provides you with an alternative option instead of looking into placing them into kennels and catteries. Stress is dramatically reduced, as they are able to maintain their daily routines in the comfort of their home.

You also remove any trauma and potential exposure to viruses, diseases and parasites that can be found in kennels and catteries. By remaining at home your pet is happier, healthier and content.

During each visit Dogs ‘n the ‘burbs will conduct a thorough interior and exterior security check.  All employees go through a New Zealand police background check and are Pet First Aid certified  to ensure we provide you with the best quality service.

Included in our ‘BURBS VISITS:

  • Refill bowls with fresh water and provide food (if arranged)
  • Socialise with your pets (cuddles and extra TLC guaranteed)
  • Give your pet a toilet break
  • Administer any medication (if arranged)
  • Collect mail
  • Water indoor plants
  • Collect or put out recycle bins
  • Open/Close blinds, curtains


  • Clean any litter boxes, cages, fish tanks, bedding.
  • Pet Taxi: Transportation to vet / groomer’s / social outing
  • Brush or groom your pets
  • Overnight stays

We will work with you on any special requests or needs you have.


Why use our Dogs ‘n the ‘burbs service

  • Dogs love walks! It’s a fact! They live for that time of the day when they can go out for a walk and explore by sniffing and socialising with other animals and people. By using our service, your dog/s gain the daily exercise they need and in turn stay happy and healthier for longer.
  • Peace of mind that your pet will be in safe, reliable and loving hands.
  • No need to worry when you’re at work or out and about that you need to rush home.
  • Most importantly, you come home to a happy and content pet!